Startup Track

Deep dive into the value factors of this new normality.

All sessions with be spoken in Spanish. 

Live Sessions

Every wednesday, stream these live sessions through our Facebook and Youtube channels.


Wednesday, October 28

Long Talk - 20 min

The Lean Startup Method on hardware companies

Speaker will provide examples of how and why the need to apply the Lean startup method on a hardware company. Examples and lessons learned.

Long Talk - 20 min

Boxmis: Democratizing Logistics

First online marketplace focused on logistics, where the supply chain control is at hand, transparently and in real time. Boximis empowers the business of logistics operators in a very efficient way.

Long Talk - 20 min

AI Product Management

We'll show a real use case of an AI product and share tools that facilitate and streamline the design thinking process at the ket stage of Customer Discovery.


1:1 Mentorship Sessions with professionals of the industry.


Thursday, October 29

AI Entrepreneurships

AI Entrepreneurships



Workshop - 70 min

5:00 pm - 6:10 pm (PT)

OKRs for a clear, conjoined and unified vision

This workshop explains what's an OKR, why are they important and what are the considerations to account for when establishing them. By the end of the workshop, participants will define their own OKRs.

Wednesday, October 28

Closing Ceremony

Thursday, October 29

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm (PT)

Thanks for joining TECHSUYO 2020

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