Friday, August 4


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8:30 am

Computer Science in PERU

Ernesto Cuadros

2:00 pm

Venture Capital

Carolina Huaranca

5:30 pm

Closing Keynote: Embassy of Peru

Carlos Pareja

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Science sessions

9:30 am

Mr. Arturo Deza (UC Santa Barbara)

10:00 am

Mr. Herbert Silva

11:00 am

Science outreach in Peru

11:30 am

Mr. Jorge Macedo

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Tech and Innovation sessions

9:30 am

What is a chatbot

Victor Cadenas

10:00 am

Machine Learning

Omar Florez

11:00 am

Software Quality and Cloud Computing

Rosalva Gallardo

11:30 am

Mobile Development at Facebook

Victor Laguna

12:00 pm

Open Source

Aurelio Garcia

12:30 pm


Natalie Gil

2:00 pm

Silicon Valley culture


2:30 pm

Women in Tech


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Organized by PeruSV

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