Thursday, August 3


8:30 am

Entrepreneurship and innovation in Silicon Valley

Alberto Yepez

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VDC sessions

11:00 am

Reducing 5% of the budget using value engineering and VDC in a distribution center

Carlos Jurado

11:30 am

Application of VDC during the modeling, compatibilization, and construction

Rolando Hijar

12:00 pm

Construction Industrialization

Jose Cosculluela

12:30 pm

Implementation of VDC in an apartment building

Justo Cabrera

2:00 pm

Application of VDC in a hospital project - Gerardo Matos

Gerardo Matos

2:30 pm

VDC Case Study

Julio Akamine

3:00 pm

HoloBuilder Case Study

Mayra Soto

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Science sessions

9:30 am

Dr. Carmen Gauthier

Florida Southern University

10:00 am

Dr. Raphael Valdivia

Duke University

11:30 am

Dr. Patricia Becerra


12:00 pm

Dr. Henry Jasper

Buck Institute for Research on Agign

12:30 pm

Dr. Alvaro Sagasti (UCLA)


2:00 pm

Dr. Jorge Seminario

Texas A&M University

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Tech and Innovation sessions

9:30 am

StartUp banking services

David Cervantes

11:00 am

Arrivedo, Banjo

Rodrigo Lopez

11:30 am

Daniel Barreto

12:00 pm


Ragi Burhum

12:30 pm


Miguel Romero

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