Friday, September 28th

@ Kresge Auditorium - 48 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

8:30 am


Registration open for attendees

09:00 am

Welcome to TECHSUYO

Rosalva Gallardo 

Privacy Program Manager at Google

09:15 am

NASA platform for autonomous systems

Fernando Figueroa

Acting Center Chief Technologist at NASA

09:40 am

Driving innovation at Latam and Peru with Human-Centered Design

Pablo Bariola

UX Design Director at Visa

10:05 am

Coffee Break

10:20 am

Sponsor - Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Perú

Manuel Soarez Documet

Peruvian Consul in Boston

10:30 am

Innovation towards promoting quality education

Eric Talavera Campbell

Executive Director at EQUAA

10:55 am

Keynote by Fernando Camargo

Harvard Professor

11:35 am

Sponsor - MDP Consulting

Luis Sakahima

Innovation Manager at MDP CONSULTING S.A.C

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@ Stratton Student Center - 84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

11:45 am

Break for lunch

@ Stratton Student Center (1st floor)

1:00 pm

Track presentations

Parallel sessions from 1pm - 4pm:

- Tech & Innovation track @ Mezzanine Lounge (3rd floor)

- Science track @ Twenty Chimneys (3rd floor)

See detailed scheduled below 

4:00 pm

Networking Session - Speed Dating

Group activity @ Mezzanine Lounge (@ 3rd floor)

4 pm - 5 pm

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Technology & Innovation track
@ Stratton Student Center - Mezzanine Lounge (3rd floor)

1:00 pm

Technology against corruption in public procurement in Peru

Erick Iriarte

CEO @ Ebiz Latin America

1:30 pm

Dealing with bias and unfairness in machine learning algorithms

Omar U. Florez

Senior Research Manager at Capital One

2:00 pm

Monetizing innovation

Jorge Rosales

Senior Consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners

2:30 pm

The Future of Education - Silabuz

Alonso Mujica

CEO @ Silabuz

3:00 pm

The state of the Peruvian innovation ecosystem

Irma Isabel Cadillo Cardenas

Business Consultant

3:30 pm

Programatic advertising

Manuel Bellido

Software Engineer at Google

4:00 pm

Networking Session - Speed Dating

Group activity @ Mezzanine Lounge (@ 3rd floor)

4 pm - 5 pm

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Science track
@ Stratton Student Center - Twenty Chimneys (3rd floor)

1:00 pm

Isotope biogeochemistry in Peruvian archeology

Breidy Quispe Vilcahuaman

Department of Anthropology, Georgia State University