1:1 Conversations with Industry Leaders

Corporate Track Mentorships

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Information technologies, digital transformation, direction and strategy

Johnny Garcia, Digital Transformation Consultant

Johnny's executive roles in communication technologies included companies such as: Banco de Crédito, Banco Continental, Banco Interbank, Banco Latino, Telefónica del Perú, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), América Móviles (Claro), Entel Perú. Today, he's a Digital Transformation consultant and partners with national and foreign companies.

Tuesday, Oct 13 | $50.00 USD

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AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Victor Cadenas, Apple

AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Product Manager

Consultant specialized in the development of chatbots and virtual assistants. He currently works as a conversational analyst for chatbots of artificial intelligence in Apple. His professional experience includes companies in Silicon Valley, such as: Dell, Wells Fargo, Azumo, Deloitte, BlackRock, Silicon Valley Bank, and Charles Schwab.

Friday, Oct 16 | $50.00 USD


Business management | High-performing teams Digital Transformation

Guillermo Checa, Executive Consultant

Senior Business Consultant

Senior executive with CEO experience in the telecommunications, banking, information technology and business solutions sectors. Specialization in Systems and Senior Management Programs at Harvard, IESE, and Kellogg School of Management 21 years working at Telefónica and 10 of them VP counsultant of a large list of clients and businesses.

Wednesday, Oct 21 | $50.00 USD


UX Design | Product Design | UX Research Prototyping | Getting Started with UX

Bruno Wong, Patreon

Sr. Product Designer - Creator Tools

Product Designer with over 8 years of experience working with startups in Silicon Valley. He's built SaaS solutions in the Enterprise B2B field, including fin-tech, e-commerce and digital marketing. His UX process starts with understanding the user in mind, improving processes, doing UX research, prototyping and testing.  Today, he's a Sr. Product Designer at Patreon, a "unicorn" product focused on building tools for creators to help them monetize their expertise and know-how outside of Youtube, Instagram and other ad-based platforms. 

Thursday, Oct 22 | $50.00 USD


Use Cases and Applications of AI

Luis Sakihama, MDP Consulting

Gte. Innovación y Labs

Innovation and Labs Manager in MDP Consulting with vast experience in technology. Luis is passionate about creating and designing great technology solutions for customer problems. Currently, focusing his interests and efforts in building Artificial Intelligence solutions with his team. His academic background supports his career path combining deep technical training with innovation and business education. This allows him to correctly understand the business problem and design a technically feasible solution.

Thursday, Oct 22 | $50.00 USD


Agile Methodologies

Rosalva Gallardo, Google

Data Analytics Program Manager

Rosalva has a tech background working for companies as Intel and IBM, currently working at Google as a Data Analytics Program Manager for partner developer relations. She leds the business, operations, and data analytics arm for the Programs and Operations team in Partner DevRel. Previously working as a Privacy Program Manager for Google Cloud Platform.

Saturday, Oct 24 | $50.00 USD


Marco Herndon, Google

Program Manager

Marco Herndon works at Google as a Crisis Program Manager at the People Operations team. Started his career at Google Cloud HR and since then have been working in Diversity, Inclusion and People Development. Marco has a Bachelor Degree of Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, EEUU and got the prestigious Fulbright scholarship.

Human Capital in Tech

Tuesday, Oct 27 | $50.00 USD

Creating a Culture of Diversity in Tech

Wednesday, Oct 28 | $50.00 USD

Startup Track Mentorships


SAAS and Innovation Management

Industrial Engineer with experience in Innovation and Digital Transformation projects.

Co-founder of Starter and Openlat (, companies focused on digital transformation and innovation. Karen believes in an Agile mindset, where innovation and technology are always in the center of everything. This is why in her start-ups she combines different innovation methodologies and frameworks of agile work for the generation and validation of ideas; development and implementation of technological solutions.

Monday, Oct 19 | $50.00 USD


Edtech Entrepreneur & previously Intrapreneur in the government (Ministry of Education), corporations (Innova Schools), startups (Andi) and nonprofits (Startschool). Currently CEO and Co- Founder of Talently, which is the career accelerator for Latam tech talent. They invest in the most talented software developers to land the best possible job.

Developing an MVP using no-code tools

Thursday, Oct 22 | $50.00 USD

Building my startup tech team 

Thursday, Oct 22 | $50.00 USD


Victor Laguna, Facebook

Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager with vast experience in mobile products. Currently working at Facebook as Engineering Manager for Facebook Watch. Previously,Tech Lead at Facebook Videos, helping build and ship multiple products. Victor also worked on the Android Mobile Search Team at Yahoo developing and delivering amazing new mobile experiences to Yahoo!'s users

How to develop mobile apps at a global scale

Wednesday, Oct 21 | $50.00 USD

How to build data-based software

Wednesday, Oct 28 | $50.00 USD


Búsqueda de Rentabilidad en Start Ups: Unint Economics, Costo de adquisición y Valor del cliente en el tiempo

Former CFO and Executive Vice President at AJE Group with operations in over 22 countries in emerging markets. Previously he was Finance Director at Google managing the global financial close of the company at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Gonzalo also worked for Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, IBM and Digeo, a company of Paul Allen - co-founder of Microsoft.

Tuesday, Oct 27 | $50.00 USD


AI Startups

Zulma Quispe-Ashbaugh, R42 Group

Artificial Intelligence

Inventor and AI enthusiast. Extensive experience working in Software Development Life Cycle. Shortlisted at the Peruvian Annual Convention of Patents and Inventions 2017. Represented Peru in KIWIE 2019 (Korea International Women's Invention Exposition).

Thursday, Oct 29 | $50.00 USD

Academic Track Mentorships

El Apoyo y revisión de documentos para la mejora en el proceso de aplicación a maestrías y doctorados pasarán por un proceso de Pre- selección. Los participantes recibirán un correo de confirmación con los documentos requeridos y de ser seleccionados el link de acceso a la mentoría.


Saturday, Oct 24.

From 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (PT)



Katia Canepa

U. of California - Davis

Assistant Professor, Department of Design


Arturo Deza


Postdoctoral Research Assoc.


Sofia Espinoza


Engagement Manager


Rosalva Gallardo


Data Analytics Program Manager

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Ricardo Gonzales

University of Oxford

PhD Student in Deep Learning for Quantitative Cardiac MRI


Mayra Soto


Head of Product


Victor Laguna


Engineering Manager

Moderated by:


Gissella Bejarano

Binghamton University

PhD Candidate Computer Science

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Ricardo Gonzales

University of Oxford

PhD Student in Deep Learning for Quantitative Cardiac MRI

Saturday, Oct 24.

From 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (PT)