Startup Track

Deep dive into the value factors of this new normality.

All sessions with be spoken in Spanish. 

Tuesday, October 13

Live Sessions

Every wednesday, stream these live sessions through our Facebook and Youtube channels.


Wednesday, October 14

Welcome to TECHSUYO 2020

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (PT)

Welcome to TECHSUYO 2020

PeruSV, Network of peruvians working in Silicon Valley

Rosalva Gallardo, cofundadora de PeruSV

A Message from the Consulate of Peru in San Francisco

Hernando Torres-Hernandez, Consul of Peru in San Francisco

The Importance of Science and Research

Dr. Carlos Bustamante, PhD. University of California, Berkeley

Long Talk - 20 min

4:00 pm - 4:20 pm (PT)

5 Product Management Tools

Technology has made our lives easier. I'll share 5 tools that are a great help on managing your product in a collaborative way, from validation to scale and growth.

Lightning Talk - 10 min

4:20 pm - 4:30 pm (PT)


Chazki: Startup specialized in on-demand logistics and delivery solutions for ecommerce retail, based on collaborative economic models (safe same-day deliveries within the hour), with operations in 14 cities and 4 countries (Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru)

Long Talk - 20 min

4:30 pm - 4:50 pm (PT)

Remote Hiring Tools

This keynote will show you a step-by-step process of how to hire remotely, integrate and automate the candidate recruiting experience, atracting talent globally and building high-performing teams.

Lightning Talk - 10 min


Riqra is a SaaS platform that allows provides to reach customers through an e-commerce B2B multi-purpose platform.

Long Talk - 20 min

How to survive the curve of death and ship product

9 out of 10 startups perish against the curve of death. With 6 succesful startups and 20 years as an entrepreneur, Fraklin will share the skillset, concepts, and tecniques that you can apply in your favor to avoid being part of this statistic.

Lightning Talk - 10 min


The cross-border neobank for Hispanic Americans in the world

Long Talk - 20 min

Comanu, co-creating along with artisans

Comanu is the way you can support thousands of peruvian artisans generate revenue and revamp our national cultural patrimony.

Wednesday, October 21

Lightning Talk - 10 min


HoloBuilder is a startup focused on the construction industry. It's a platform for the control and management of construction projects that brings remote access to the fieldwork.

LongTalk - 20 min

100x - Growth, behind expansion of global companies

Learn how global companies like Uber, Amazon and Facebook escale. In escence: building products that people love, through perceived value as frequent as possible.

Lightning Talk - 10 min


Rita is the first smart juice-making machine that automates the process of making juice on the spot.

Long Talk - 20 min

Tech Product Management in Silicon Valley

Java, the most used development platform, is developed using one of the most complex open source projects. What's the role of the product manager?

Wednesday, October 28

Long Talk - 20 min

The Lean Startup Method on hardware companies

Speaker will provide examples of how and why the need to apply the Lean startup method on a hardware company. Examples and lessons learned.

Long Talk - 20 min

Boxmis: Democratizing Logistics

First online marketplace focused on logistics, where the supply chain control is at hand, transparently and in real time. Boximis empowers the business of logistics operators in a very efficient way.

Long Talk - 20 min

AI Product Management

We'll show a real use case of an AI product and share tools that facilitate and streamline the design thinking process at the ket stage of Customer Discovery.

Discussion Panel


Wednesday, October 21

Panel - 60 min

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (PT)

Fundraising: what is what investors evaluate from the perspective of Latinamerica?