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TECHSUYO 2021 will take place October 15-16th, 2021
WeWork Office Space, 400 Concar Drive San Mateo, CA 94402 

Organized by PeruSV


TECHSUYO is the conference that brings together the Peruvian professional community in the areas of science, technology and innovation.  It is organized by PeruSV, a non-profit organization founded by Peruvian professionals working in Silicon Valley. 

The goal is to be an open channel of exploration of new technologies yet to be implemented in Peru. Our strategy is based on a synergy of corporate industry, entrepreneurship, and education. TECHSUYO is designed around these 3 tracks, with exclusive agendas for each of them. 


Conference Tracks



Learn about digital experiences in the "new normal", challenges and learnings in the face of uncertainty. Discover the steps to follow for the transformation of processes, functions and businesses.

Oriented towards executives, IT Managers, Digital Transformation Managers, Digital Business Innovation in Peruvian corporations eager to adopt and excel at new technologies.



Explore digital tools for product, design and prototype management with lessons learned from the evaluation, execution and implementation cycles. Learn growth hacking methodologies, and how to boost communication skills and fundraising. 

Designed for professionals, entrepreneurs working or looking to embrace the startup world within the current juncture.



Get inspired and learn from Latin American professors and researchers from US universities and industry working in multidisciplinary research with limitless creativity. Build your educational growth in graduate programs and international industry.

Tailored to students, researchers and professionals interested in developing their full potential in the technology and innovation academic world.

Why Attend


Meet other Peruvians working

in science, technology and innovation fields


Learn about Peruvian leaders  spearheading efforts to improve science and technology


Let's build a collaborative

bridge between the US

and Peru

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